Офелия Ловибонд инстаграм, возраст, дата рождения, рост, вес, кто это, биография

Офелия Ловибонд — английская актриса, продвигающаяся от эпизодических ролей к исполнению главных персонажей в комедиях, ужасах и детективах. Знаменитость признается в интервью, что ее фамилию СМИ часто коверкают, но ошибочные варианты ее скорее смешат, чем раздражают. Известная благодаря фильмам Демон внутри (2016) и Пингвины мистера Поппера (2011).

Категория: Кино
Место рождения: Хаммерсмит, Великобритания
Дата рождения: 19 февраля 1986 г.
Знак зодиака: Водолей
Рост: 157 см.
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Инстаграм: https://www.instagram.com/opheliabits/
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YES SCOTLAND! ???????????????????????????? Thank you for leading the way to secure period dignity for women and girls and anyone who menstruates. The Period Products Act will place a legal duty on local authorities to make period products available for all those who need them.


Period poverty (the struggle to pay for basic period products on a monthly basis) has surged during the coronavirus pandemic. This Act not only gives access to those who need menstrual products but struggle to afford them, it also recognises the inequity of charging for them in the first place.


Forcing women to pay for period products in public bathrooms is tantamount to penalising them for their gender. You would never expect to pay in a public facility for loo paper - which is made available for hygiene purposes - so why are period products any different? Menstruating is not a choice, it is a natural bodily function, therefore period products are a necessity not a luxury and ought to be provided in the exact same way.


If all of us were charged several thousand pounds over the course of our lifetime for loo paper, you can bet the movement to dissolve the financial penalty would have gained traction a lot faster! This is not a women’s issue but a social justice issue, an equalities issue and a rights issue.
Be an ally: tell your local MPs that you believe women and girls should no longer pay a price for their anatomy.
#endperiodpoverty #womensrightsarehumanrights #dignityperiod @freeperiods #strongertogether #stopthestigma #periodpower #freeperiodproducts #thisiswhatafeministlookslike @monicalennon7